In 1980, Battery Outfitters opened in Golden, Missouri, selling batteries primarily for the automotive, commercial, and marine industries. In 1996, we added a full line of batteries for household goods to our line of products, and while the concept of "Battery Store" was new to the industry, we opened our first retail store in Joplin, Missouri, offering this full line of batteries the same year. 

With 6 retail locations and 11 route trucks carrying our signature "Pro-Series" batteries and many others, we proudly serve the 4-state area.  Our goal has always been to provide the best quality products and friendliest customer service in the industry, and we believe our people truly do make the difference. 

The Neighborhood Experience

To steal a line from Cheers, “You wanna go where everybody knows your name,” and don’t we all? This is the type of in store experience that we have built our business on. Come take a look for yourself and you’ll notice we’re not your average battery shop. At Battery Outfitters you aren’t a face in the crowd, you are part of the neighborhood! With this attitude we thrive on being the place you come knowing you will get the service you deserve with your needs on our minds and smiles on our faces. And here’s the best part: We love what we do! There has never been a time when batteries have had such a prominent impact on our day-to-day lives than now and we know that competent battery service is something everyone needs! So why not provide that expertise with a servant’s attitude? (it’s ok, we couldn’t come up with a reason not to either!)

But what is service without a product to back it up? Exactly. Glad you asked. Our product line is vast in quantity and sky high in quality. We only carry the best brands from the world’s best manufacturers to make sure our service isn’t in vain! We offer professional custom battery rebuilds from your DIY consumer drills as well as your norelco shaver. 

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