Pro Series Group H7 Battery

Model Number: Group H7 Pro-Series AGM Line Battery

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Pro Series Group H7 Battery

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Pro Series Group H7 Battery

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Pro Series AGM batteries are our newest automotive AGM line. The Pro Series Group H7 AGM auto battery is built in America by the largest battery manufacturer in the world, Johnson Controls Inc.

The 12-volt Group H7AGM battery comes in our AGM Line, which meets or exceeds OE specifications and outperforms standard SLI batteries in reserve capacity and change back rates. Pro Series AGM is our highest rated battery line and comes with two types of car battery warranties: a three-year free replacement and an 85-month pro-rata warranty.


  • Chemistry: AGM
  • Volt: 12
  • CCA: 850
  • Reserve Capacity 140
  • Amp Hours: N/A
  • Free Replacement Warranty: 36
  • Pro Rata Warranty: 36
  • BCI Group Size: H7
  • Weight: 51.87lbs
  • Dimensions: L: 12 7/16 W: 7 15/16 H: 7 1/2
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