12V 1.2AH SLA SB-1213

Model Number: UB1213

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12V 1.2AH SLA SB-1213

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12V 1.2AH SLA SB-1213

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Outlast Battery is the internationally multi-awarded battery for quality, performance and reliability. Made with high-grade imported materials. Truly, one of the world's best.

  • Chemistry: VRLA
  • Volt: 12
  • CCA:
  • Reserve Capacity
  • Amp Hours: 1.2
  • Free Replacement Warranty: 12
  • Pro Rata Warranty: 12
  • BCI Group Size:
  • Weight: 1lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.00,1.80,2.05
  • Specification Sheet(s): View Sheet