EnerSys Genesis XE95

Model Number: XE95

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EnerSys Genesis XE95

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EnerSys Genesis XE95

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EnerSys Genesis XE95 thin plate pure lead battery excels in demanding environmental and cycling applications such as:
Alternative energy applications, e.g. solar and wind power
Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV)

XE95 Performance Features:

Wide operating temperature range: -40ºC to 45ºC
300+ full depth of discharge cycles
High rate charge and discharge
2 year shelf life at 25ºC (77°F)
Superior deep discharge recovery
Terminals: M6 insert

  • Chemistry:
  • Volt:
  • CCA: N/A
  • Reserve Capacity 95
  • Amp Hours:
  • Free Replacement Warranty: 24
  • Pro Rata Warranty: 24
  • BCI Group Size:
  • Weight: 77.4lbs
  • Dimensions:
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