Here at Battery Outfitters, we know how to rebuild batteries -- many times, our refurbished batteries perform better than brand new units because we use high capacity battery cells.

We’re also proud to be ecologically-minded. The life of each unit can be extended, so we see rebuilt batteries as a resourceful solution to reducing waste. We’ve got the knowledge and experience that it takes to fix what’s broken and pass along value to our customers. Recycling, disposing, rebuilding, and increasing the charge capacity of the batteries that come our way are only a few ways that we help our customers.  

Rebuilding battery packs is a skill only found among true battery specialists. Our in-house tech center has helped customers with all different types of refurbished batteries, such as rebuilt car batteries and:

  • Cell phone batteries
  • Standard drill packs
  • Dog collars
  • Remote controls
  • RC cars
  • Electric razors
  • Much more!

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