Battery Specialists

In our day and age, customer service can take on the form of many different things. Some good and some very… very bad; thankfully our 35+ years experience in the industry has grown our desire to serve our customers and to do it well. As a wholesale battery supplier, Battery Outfitters aims to provide our wholesale customers with superior service day in and day out, and it starts with our route services.

Battery Distributors

With us, wholesale car batteries are distributed by more than 15 trucks that travel across four states, so you can trust that we're nearby! From custom automotive, deep-cycle batteries, and marine consignment services, to timely scheduled battery delivery, our highly skilled route salesmen make getting our quality products to you their priority, and that’s just the first tier of your service! Each of our routes has a supervisor there to assist every customer with issues like logistics, sales, technical troubleshooting, and so much more. If you would like our world-class route men to set you up with a custom program, please visit the Contact page and click on “Route Services Information” and your region's salesman will be in contact with you!


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