Experience Quality Service

At Battery Outfitters, we thrive on going above and beyond for our customers. And we only offer the best in battery equipment services, like professional battery testing, repair, installation, and rebuilds, because it’s what you deserve. Our experts know batteries in and out, have your needs in mind, and are committed to coming up with solutions.

But what is service without a product to back it up? Exactly. Glad you asked. Our product line is vast in quantity and sky high in quality. We only carry the best brands from the world’s best manufacturers to make sure our service isn’t in vain! We offer professional, custom battery rebuilds for a variety of battery-powered items, from your DIY consumer drills to your norelco shaver.

At Battery Outfitters, you get the Neighborhood Experience everytime you walk through our doors.


Do you know when to replace a car battery? If you’re not sure that you need a new car battery or not sure how to replace a car battery, we’re absolutely here to help you every time you might need to get back on the road.

We’re at your service and want to be a reliable resource for you. The battery replacement service that we offer means you will have time to focus on other things while we handle your battery needs. You can trust us to install your replacement car battery the right way each and every time!

We invite you to visit a nearby Battery Outfitters, give us a call, or fill out a contact form!

Route Business

In our day and age, customer service can take on the form of many different things. Some good and some very… very bad; thankfully our 40+ years experience in the industry has grown our desire to serve our customers and to do it well. As a wholesale battery supplier, Battery Outfitters aims to provide our wholesale customers with superior service day in and day out, and it starts with our route services.

With us, wholesale car batteries are distributed by more than 24 trucks that travel across the midwest so you can trust that we're nearby! Each Route is executed by a highly trained Battery Outfitter. Each of our routes has a supervisor there to assist every customer with issues like logistics, sales, technical troubleshooting, and so much more.

If you would like our world-class route men to set you up with a custom program, please visit the Contact page and click on “Route Services Information” and your region's salesman will be in contact with you!

Local Delivery

Sometimes you can't make it into the store but still need a battery or two. Our site is designed to further extend the service you would receive at our physical locations but online. That is why we are offering free local delivery within a 10-mile radius of any store with a low minimum order of $100.  

To make it even easier, you can add the batteries you need to your cart and at check out if your zip code is within range the option for local delivery will appear. One of our local store representatives will contact you within 24 hours to schedule the delivery. Please be aware this local delivery option may take up to 3 to 5 days.


Battery disposal has never been this easy. Battery Outfitters offers a wide variety of car battery recycling services. Our recycling center handles thousands of pounds of scrap lead and much more. Not sure where to recycle lithium ion batteries? Come see us to get those Lithiums recycled safely and properly.

When it comes to how to recycle and dispose of batteries, we are ecologically-minded.
We partner with local businesses to offer waste certificates and can assure you that all scrap is handled properly. If you’re interested in learning more about proper battery care and disposal, stop by the Battery Outfitters closest to you or fill out the form below.