PGM 31MX1150

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Our Pro-Guide Marine line of batteries is proven to provide the utmost power and reliability required for marine applications. Our AGM (absorbed glass matt) batteries are fully sealed and maintenence free. 


The Pro-Guide 31MX925 Marine Battery by Pro-Guide Batteries is a high performance Dual Purpose AGM battery that is designed to start a boat and run accessories for a full day. It is rated at 925 CCA, 200 minutes reserve capacity and can be used for Starting and Dual Purposeapplications.

The Pro-Guide 31MX925 meets or exceeds all standards for Mercury, Yamaha, and other Outboard Motor Manufacturers.

With its sleek design, the Pro-Guide 31MX925 is a perfect fit for any boat and is sure to impress.
The Pro-Guide 31MX925 has a footprint of 8.75 x 6.75 inches and a height of 8 inches.
It weighs 67 pounds and has a design life 
The Pro-Guide 31MX925 comes with a standard Marine terminals, and terminal cover. It also comes with two inch stainless steel nuts to attach the battery to the leads securely.

  • UL listed
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Maintenace Free
  • Factory Fresh 

Warranty Information

1 year warranty included. Please check our FAQ page for more detailed information about the included warranty.

BCI Group Size:
Cold Cranking Amps:
925 CCA
Reserve Capacity:
200 Min @ 25 Amps
Amp Hour Capacity:
Cranking Amps:
1150 CA
18 Months
Length (in / mm):
13in / 330mm
Width (in / mm):
6 13/16in / 173mm
Height (in / mm):
8 7/8in / 225mm
Weight ( lbs / kg):
60lbs / 27kg
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