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The American Battery Solutions Inc. ALLIANCE l48V-3.0 View full description

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The American Battery Solutions Inc. ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™ battery packs are designed as scalable building blocks, offering versatility across a variety of uses needing robust, safe and high-performing lithium-ion batteries. 

I48V-3.0 - The 48EV battery systems, part of the ALLIANCE Intelligent Battery Series™, are highly efficient and serve a variety of uses. Our I48-3.0 comes in an industry-standard GC2 size (T-105) form factor with the highest energy content on the market. It’s perfect for drop-in retrofits of lead-acid batteries in motive power applications like golf cars, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP) and floor machines.

Highest quality and reliability

Automotive-grade system design and AECQ-qualified components manufactured in a world-class battery systems facility in the U.S.

Ultimate safety and robustness

IP65 water and dust proof, constructed for harsh industrial and motive environments, with wire bonded cell interconnects

Versatile and easy-to-use

Scalable modules expand systems up to 30 kWh, suitable for entire portfolio of machines and market applications


High Energy

By partnering with world-class suppliers of lithium-ion cells in cylindrical and prismatic form factors, our products offer lightweight, low volume packaging. The result? Longer range and runtime. And with class-leading energy density, our products offer customers extended range in a small, lightweight package. Available in various low-voltage and high-voltage battery systems.

Modularity and Scalability

Our high-voltage lithium-ion batteries can be connected in parallel or series to increase capacity or voltage, while our low-voltage systems can be connected in parallel. Customize your power requirements with a setup that can easily scale as needed. And with modularity features, you can replace single modules without having to update your entire system.

Battery Management Systems

Our Battery Management Systems (BMS) are developed using automotive-level design practices with AEC-Q components. Our systems are fully integrated into our products, offering worry-free operation. What's more, communications protocols are tailored to market sectors: CAN-Open for motive power, SAE J1939 for industrial equipment, and CAN2.0A for EV applications.

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