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Pro-Guide Lithium PGLM24

With A Cycle Life Rated Up To 2500 Cycles, The Pro-Guide Lithium PGLM20 Battery Is Your New Favorite Choice For Powering Your Boating & RV Adventures, Solar Storage, And More

  1. When you need power that’ll last, the PGLM24 is there to support you. Get more of out your fish finder, kayak, or other finesse applications
  2. With cycle lives rated beyond 2500 cycles @ 80% DOD and a capacity of 20Ah or 256Wh, you get a battery that performs at a high level over its whole lifespan
  3. With internal thread (M5) terminals, a secure connection is simple allowing peace of mind for your time on the water
  4. At only 6.61lbs, this battery will efficiently power your application without weighing you down!
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